How to use BigRep PRO FLEX

Basic information

PRO FLEX is a thermoplastic elastomer based on Polyurethane. With a Shore Hardness of in the A scale of 98 (Shore A98).

How to store and dry PRO FLEX

PRO FLEX, as PVA, tends to fast absorb the humidity of the air, which decreases the quality of the material and  prints, leading sometimes to even damaging the extruders. For this reason, it is very important that you take care of how you storage the filament after opening the spool bag.

  • The material should never be printed on a humidity level over 20%. The BigRep enclosure box is recommended to reduce the humidity on the material.
  • After every print, the spools should be stored at 15°C-30°C and at a humidity level <20%. We recommend to store the spool also in the plastic bag with the silica gel.
  • If you are going to use an open spool, PRO FLEX must be dried before printing at 50-55°C for at least 6 hours. New spools don’t need to be dried.

How to print with PRO FLEX

We highly recommend to use our released factory file for the PRO FLEX as it is. Different layer height/quality options will be added later.

At the moment PRO FLEX is only released for the BigRep ONE with the 1mm Standard Extruder. The Power Extruder will follow later.

On the STUDIO the PRO FLEX is only working with T0 and not with T1.

Always wait until the print bed is cooled down before removing your model. Also be careful while removing, the print from the print bed, as PRO FLEX sticks really strong to it. You can use water or alcohol to ease the removal.

Possible/recommended models for PRO FLEX

As a TPU the PRO FLEX is more limited than other not flexible materials.

  • Overhangs of 50° can be printed without using support material
  • Bridging is not recommended
  • Fine and small geometries will have less quality
  • Small islands will reduce the quality significantly

PRO FLEX in dual extrusion with other materials

Coming soon


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