How to calibrate X, Y and Z offsets for the extruders

This article is meant for calibrating the extruders on the BigRep STUDIO.


Before you start with any leveling or calibration you have to heat up the printer:

  • Heat up the bed to 60°C
  • Wait another 30 minutes after the bed reaches 60°C
  • Heat up the extruders to 205°C
  • Do a flowrate calibration. Link.
  • Important information for the STUDIO:  set all offset values for T0 and T1 to 0. To prevent damaging the extruder or bed set the Z offset first to 1 mm and then lower the extruder step by step!

The calibration process should be done with PLA.

You have to do the calibration every time you change one or both hotends/extruder!

If you want to calibrate your extruders for dual extrusion you have to make the Z calibration for both extruders first. Then go on with the X-Y-calibration.

Please download the following package:

Standard Extruder with two 0.6 mm nozzles

Unzip the .zip file somewhere on your computer.

We are recommending to load all calibration files on your printer, so you can always start it directly, also for later use.

Depending on your downloaded package you will find a “Z_calibration_0.6_(T0 and/or T1).gcode” in the folder. If you just want to calibrate one of your extruder use “_T0” or “_T1” gcode. For calibration both extruder extruders use “_T0_T1” gcode. The example below is for calibrating both extruders.

      1. Start “Z_calibration_0.6_T0_T1.gcode” on your printer
      2. The printer will first print a rectangle with the Extruder 1 (T0) and then a separate one with Extruder 2 (T1).

      1. While printing the first rectangle, check the distance between the Extruder 1 and the bed.

If your print doesn’t look perfect, adjust the distance between the Extruder 1 and the bed, using the Z offset in the advanced menu

      • Higher the value to move the extruder further from the bed
      • Lower the value to move the extruder closer to the bed

Remember to save the settings after the adjustment.

      1. Repeat the process while the Extruder 2 is printing the second rectangle.

The X-Y-Calibration prepares your machine for dual extrusion prints. This procedure requires a software version after 0.7.1


Step 1: Print Rough 0.5mm steps Calibration G-Code

  1. Print the file “step1_(nozzle size)_XY_calibration.gcode”.
  2. When the print is finished, DO NOT TAKE IT OFF THE BED

  1. Identify where the peaks in X and Y match (Example 1 above):
  • On the X-Axis the peaks match at + 0.5mm à X offset = + 0.5 mm
  • On the Y axis, we can’t identify an offset with this 0.5 resolution. à Y offset = 0 mm
  1. Go to the Advanced Menu, update the offsets (add the new values to the previous ones) and save.

Step 2: Print the Precise Resolution 0.1mm Calibration G-Code

  1. Print the G-Code you “step2_(nozzle size)_XY_calibration.gcode”
  2. When the print is finished, WAIT UNTIL THE BED IS COLD, and release the part off the bed.

  1. Identify where the peaks match:
  • On the X axis the peaks match at 0.3mm à X offset = 0.3 mm
  • On the Y axis the peaks match at +0.1mm à Y offset = + 0.1 mm
  1. Go to the Advanced Menu, update the offsets (add the new values to the previous ones) and save.

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