How can I calibrate the base flowrate of the extruders?

You will need the User Interface 0.7.x or later versions to calibrate the flowrate of your extruders

See how to update the User Interface of your printer here

Extruder extrusion Test/Calibration Flowrate

  1. Heat up both extruders to the material printing temperature.
  2. When the extruders reach the temperature, insert filament on both extruders until it reaches the end of the nozzle (make sure that a bit of material is extruded)
  3. Measure 300 mm and 400 mm from the upper end of the teflon tube on top of the extruder and mark both lengths with a pen
  4. Go to the Terminal Menu and type in:

    T0 G91 G1 E300 F100 G90

    and press enter. The extruder will extrude 300 mm.
  5. If the extrusion ends when the 300 mark reaches the teflon tube, then the extruders flowrate is correct.
  6. If not, measure the the difference between the expected extrusion length and the real lengthE.G.
    If, for example, the extruder extrudes 260 mm instead of 300 :
    – 300/260 = 1,15 –> Tha base flowrate should be increased 15%
  7. Repeat the test for T1, typing on the terminal:

T1 G91 G1 E300 F100 G90

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