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UPDATED: 2019/08/06

Note: Tandem mode can be selected as an option for all factory files from 2019/02 onwards.

It is highly recommended to use BigRep presettings – so called factory files – for Simplify3D, as some machine settings such as print bed size and acceleration are included.

Select your extruder and download your factory files

In most Factory Files you will find now different options for slicing.

In the first one you can decide on which extruder you want to print or if you want to use dual extrusion.

Important to know for dual extrusion is, that the not printing extruder will be cooled down and prevent that material will drop out of the nozzle. Switching the extruders will now take more time, but the quality will be better than before.

Examples for dual extrusion:

  • Using T0 for the model and T1 for Support (both the same material)
    • Choose Dual – T0 and switch in the support setting the support extruder and dense support extruder to T1
  • Using different processes with both extruders (e.g. multi colour)
    • Choose Dual T0 in one process and Dual T1 in the other

You can also choose now different quality options for your prints.

Depending on the quality you want, you have different options.

  • First you can choose the layer height you want
    • lower layer heights looks better but takes longer
  • Than you can choose if the want a better looking model or faster printing

All these options can vary by material and extruder/nozzle diameter

Material Nozzle Diameter Latest Update
PLA 1 mm 02/2019 Download
PLA 0.5 mm 11/2017 Download
Pro HT 1 mm 02/2019 Download
HI-TEMP 1 mm 08/2019 Download
Pro HS 1 mm 02/2019 Download
Pro FLEX 1 mm 02/2019 Download
PETG* 1 mm 02/2019 Download
Dual PETG*/Pro HS 1 mm 11/2017 Download
Dual PLA/PVA 1 mm 02/2019 Download
Dual Pro HT/PVA 1 mm 11/2017 Download

* PETG is a complicated material to print, and support has to be printed very slow in order to be able to remove it afterwards. Therefore we provide you with two different factory files, depending of your model:

    1. Best option. For prints wich don’t need support, or for using ProHS as support material:
      PETG, 1mm nozzle, dual extrusion with ProHS as support.
    2. For prints with necessary support, using only PETG:
      PETG, 1mm nozzle (single or dual extrusion – slow printing speed).

For large scale prints, our new high Power Extruder for 0,6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm nozzles allows for the highest throughputs.

Material Nozzle Diameter Latest Update
PLA 0.6 mm 02/2019 Download
PLA 1 mm 02/2019 Download
PLA 2 mm 02/2019 Download
Pro HT 0.6 mm 02/2019 Download
Pro HT 1 mm 02/2019 Download
Pro HT 2 mm 02/2019 Download
PETG 0.6 mm 02/2019 Download
PETG 1 mm 02/2019 Download
PETG 2 mm 02/2019 Download
Dual PLA/PVA 0.6 mm 06/2019 Download
Dual PLA/PVA 1 mm 06/2019 Download
Material Nozzle Diameter Latest Update
PLA 1 mm 06/2018 Download

Please mention: BigRep presettings are a starting point for the slicing. Each geometry requires individual settings in order to achieve the best results. To learn more about  how to improve Simplify 3D settings, click here.

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