BigRep ONE Tandem

If you are looking for Factory Files for the tandem mode. Please go here: Download BigRep ONE Factory Files

For most of the described features below you will need at least software version 0.8.1.x or higher.

How does the tandem mode work?

The tandem mode allows you to print two identical models at the same time by printing with both extruders in parallel.

  • All commands which are sent to T0 will be also sent to T1
  • The fan from T1 is controlled by the fan from T0
  • The flowrate can be set separately for each extruder
  • The temperature can be set separately for each extruder
  • The OOF-Sensors are working for both extruders
  • The Tandem Mode will be activated and deactivated by a M-Code (M802 for activating and M803 for deactivating)

Flowrate calibration on the Tandem Mode

  • You can do the flowrate calibration as described¬†here
    The calibration can be done on both extruders at the same time, just don’t forget to:

    • Make sure both extruders are heated up.
    • Type M802 in the terminal to activate the tandem mode.

How to add custom buttons for Tandem Mode in the Terminal tab

You can find an article with a description here: How to add custom buttons

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